About Opal & Silk

Hi! Welcome to Opal & Silk!
What do we do & Where are we?
Opal & Silk is an online clothing & jewelry boutique based in Bethlehem Pennsylvania selling women's clothing, accessories, and jewelry. We focus on selling Modern Trendy & Boho Chic items.
We launched in October of 2023. We also sell locally in Pennsylvania at various vendor/pop-up events.
Owner Story:

Picture of the owner wearing Opal & Silk Products. This is displayed on our "About Opal & Silk" page.        My name is Ashley, and I am the owner and vision behind Opal & Silk. I'm mesmerized by anything that sparkles, and I enjoy spending time with my husband; as well as, my 5 year old pug Crosby (you will see him in photos from time-to-time, he loves being in the spotlight).

        I have always loved being creative in every way possible: painting, crafting, diy projects, and fashion. I have always loved clothing, and fashion. I'm always looking for versatile, comfortable, good-quality, and unique pieces. That is what brought me to Opal & Silk.

        I wanted to help others feel their best self, and express their personality through clothing. Also to know when they are purchasing something from us they can trust the product they are buying, and the company they are purchasing from.

        Being busy, and in a fast paced world it can be difficult to find clothing that is on-trend, and good quality. Also somewhere we trust when we only have a little bit of free time to find the products we are looking for. It's so disappointing when you spend hours online searching for the perfect item for it to arrive in the mail looking nothing like the photos! I want customers to know they can trust us, and won't run into that problem with us. I put a lot of time, and research into sourcing the products I am selling, and want customers to know they can trust the products they are purchasing through Opal & Silk. I am also always open to questions, and feedback. If you ever have any questions, or input about sizing, products, or anything don't hesitate to reach out! Email to contact us: Info@opalandsilk.com

I'm so excited for everything we have in store for the future of Opal & Silk, and we will be constantly evolving to better service our Opal & Silk customers!